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Pegging is a singular pleasure enjoyed by most of you who have found Pegging 101. I realize there are many wannabe Pegger and Peggee readers as well. So let’s talk practicalities here. A common question amongst Peggers and Peggees alike is:

How can we make our pegging experience relatively clean?

First, there is no way around the fact that the orifice you are deriving so much pleasure from is the very one your body uses to get rid of waste. Buck up and deal, because that comes with the territory. In fact I like to think that most Pegging enthusiasts are a little hardier than other people as far as the squick factor is concerned. A little bit of crap (so to speak) is not going to ruin their day…

Yet there are indeed some steps to take that can help to ensure any distracting factors are minimized if not eliminated…

  1. Eat high fiber food the day before like salads and raw vegetables. This will help to basically clean you out .
  2. (Forget the enema – See below) Give yourself an enema several hours before, NOT just before. That is because small amounts of water can get trapped in the folds of the colon. As you move around after the enema it will drain out naturally…but you don’t want that water coming out while you are playing. Keep in mind that disposable enema units are “Phospo-Soda” enemas and actually contain Monobasic Sodium Phosphate, which is totally different from a sea salt solution in pure water. Many people find Phospo-Soda enemas to be irritating and cramping, whereas a warm gentle sea salt or non-iodized table salt enema can be soothing and relaxing to the colon. Directions for preparing your own enema can be found easily on the internet.
  3. Eat lightly the day of, if you are going to play in the evening. You want your energy to be used for play, not digestion. And depending on how fast your digestion is – you don’t want that heavy breakfast to interfere with your fun.
  4. Part of what creates odor in your shit is due to what you eat. If you eat completely naturally, i.e. no artificial flavorings or colorings, no meat, no dairy and no alcohol, the unpleasant smell will be dramatically decreased. But pay attention here, because if you have been eating all those things on a regular basis and suddenly stop eating all of them, you will be dumping toxins out of your body for a few days…and you might not feel very well. So take this suggestion with moderation please.
  5. Accept it! Accept that a bit of a mess on the dildo or plug is sometimes a part of anal play – it just comes with the territory. Relax and don’t freak out, just deal with it. Have a towel ready to wrap toys in after removal. Also…using a warm wet towel to clean the Peggee up afterward can feel quite intimate and lovely (as well as minimizing any mess). You Peggers – you had the pleasure of playing with that ass so make sure you take care of it when you are done!


New Information! (14 December 2011)

As I learn more about the ins and outs of pegging I relay the new information to my readers. Here is my revised opinion on the best method to keep clean:

Instead of enemas….

Use a rectal syringe to squirt smaller amounts of plain water just into your rectum. This is perfectly sufficient to clean you out quite well for a thorough pegging. In my experience, just a rectal douching with a syringe will eliminate virtually all mess and smell. And you don’t have to wait the 2 hours for the water to come out of the folds of your colon, either. Highly recommended!

If you really insist on giving yourself an enema, then follow the instructions above and please do not use enemas too often. Too frequent enema use can disturb the natural bacterial flora that needs to be in your colon so it can function correctly. Above all – do not use soap in your enema (or in the syringe, for that matter). This must be some weird over-reaction to wanting to be squeaky clean or something. No soap ever belongs in your colon! Soap will wipe out the natural bacterial flora and you just don’t want to do that. Plain water is fine or water with sea salt according to proven recipes on the internet.

Have fun, and Happy Pegging.

Ruby Ryder

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Warning: Clinical blog post coming up. If you wanna play, ya gotta know the rules…

Link to previous post; The Basics of Rimming

While rimming can be a wonderfully intimate, hot experience to give and receive, please know the risks before diving in to that adorable, inviting puckered hole… Consider carefully the exposure you are risking. Unprotected analingus is like unprotected sex and can expose you to the same risks plus some others.

The Risks: Some pretty nasty viral STDs can travel from anus to mouth including herpes, Hepatitis C, Hepatitis A, HPV or HIV. Small cuts or abrasions are not unusual in the mouth, especially after brushing your teeth and flossing. E.Coli infections are a possibility as well.

Hep C and HIV make using protection mandatory. You don’t want to take a risk with these.

Herpes and HPV are kind of an in-between category. Many people already have been exposed to these viruses…and despite the social stigma attached to them they are easily treatable and sometimes non-symptomatic. For what I consider to be a healthy view of these two STD’s, listen to episode 195 of one of my favorite podcasts – “Savage Love” with Dan Savage. (If you have found your way to my blog – Dan Savage is practically required listening!)

The risk of an E.Coli infection is fairly remote and reduced greatly by washing thoroughly before playing, and by taking care of your general health to maintain healthy immunity.

Heptatis A gets a little complicated. Even if you and your partner are exclusive and know you do not have the more serious STD’s, if you insist on rimming without protection, you are smart to get a Hepatitis A vaccination. Why? Because the virus can be found in fecal matter. Although the HAV (Hepatitis A Virus) is only excreted in the feces at the end of the incubation period of the infected person, some people show no symptoms when infected. And check this – Some people who contract HAV can experience a variety of very unpleasant symptoms for up to 40 weeks that can indeed compromise your quality of life. No one wants an experience like that. Keep in mind you can also get infected with HAV through contaminated food and water and this vaccination will protect you from those sources of infection as well.

A vaccination will give you solid protection against the Hepatitis A Virus in 95% of cases for a period of 10 years. The  protection will start 2-4 weeks after the vaccination is given. For those die hard rimming fans who just know you can’t keep your warm wet tongue out of your partner’s ass for long…an additional booster shot administered 6 – 12 months later will provide protection for up to 20 years.

So what is this “Protection” of which you speak? “Barrier” is the correct terminology, and “Dental Dam” is the more widely known form of protection. No – we are not going to be biting the anus here – it’s just that the rectangular pieces of latex that dentists use to protect you from all kinds of stuff going down your throat work really well as a sexual barrier! Bless those dentists. (Will you ever be able to go to the dentist again and not think of sex?!!)

To be completely safe, it is advisable to use a dental dam, or rectangular piece of latex, as a barrier between your mouth and the anus. There are many for sale here and here, in a variety of sizes, thicknesses, opacities, colors and – are you ready for this – flavors!

In a pinch, you can make a barrier with an un-lubricated or dry condom by cutting off both the tip and end, then cutting down the length of it.

If you are rimming with casual partners, please always use a barrier. Refraining from using protection during rimming of a casual sex partner is like fucking them without a condom; not too smart.

Okay – a treat for those of you who read through this necessarily overly-clinical post about the risks of rimming:

For you, dear readers, a spicy viewing recommendation available through instant view on Netflix (for my readers in the USA). The Australian HBO series “Satisfaction” is about a group of women working in a brothel. Highly recommended viewing – gorgeous women (and men!) in unbelievably beautiful lingerie (mostly just the women), this series has amazing eye candy and offers depth as well with portrayals of the joys and pains of being a sex worker (as imagined by the writers of the show, anyway). Very sexy. I’m getting ready to watch season one and two for the second time, and wait for the release of each season with great anticipation. There is a scene where one of the girls makes a dental dam out of a condom, just in case you need to see it done…

Until next time…Happy Rimming.

Ruby Ryder

Rimming, as sexy and hot and intimate and delightfully nasty as it is…is not everyone’s cup of tea. Yet some people love the feel of teasing their tongue into their partner’s ass and feeling them squirm with pleasure. And many people love the sensation of a warm wet tongue pushing into their anus. It can be exquisite. (Can you tell I am biased, here?)

But let’s back up (subtle pun intended) and begin at the beginning for those of you not familiar with the terminology.

Rimming: Using your tongue and lips to stimulate your partner’s anal opening – also called analingus.

Perhaps some of you out there are going ewwww. But there are many of us who love the sensuality of loving attention in such a vulnerable place. Others are turned on by the taboo factor and perceived nastiness of it. The anal area is definitely full of sensitive nerve endings and can be just the thing to stimulate a wickedly intense orgasm. Additionally, rimming can also be lovely foreplay to pegging.

So how does one go about “rimming”? Since you have found your way to this website I assume you take pleasure in or are curious about anal penetration (either giving or receiving). Because this site is all about the glorious act of pegging, I will concentrate primarily on male receiving, though women love rimming, too!

Rimming can be a delicious, teasing introduction and invitation to anal penetration. Men who are interested in the idea of pegging but are inexperienced or apprehensive can experience rimming to see if anal stimulation turns their crank. (I have yet to meet a man who didn’t enjoy it.)  The flutter of a warm wet tongue on his sensitive, puckered opening can produce spontaneous exclamations of pleasure…occasionally a full octave higher then normal…


The optimum positions for receiving rimming are either on hands and knees or laying face down with 2-3 pillows under the hips (or if you are a connoisseur of sex furniture – a Liberator sex cushion rocks.)

The advantage of the hands and knees position is that it will part his cheeks nicely, all the better to receive your attentions. Also, you can easily reach your hand underneath him and stroke his balls and cock for a mind-blowing orgasm.

The benefit of using pillows or a cushion is that it will allow him to relax completely while your tongue and lips are tantalizing his sweet ass…and for beginners, this can be important. If the pillows or cushion are placed forward a bit, giving his manly equipment some room, you can pull his cock back to stimulate it if that’s comfortable for him. Many times if you start with him on pillows at a certain point he will spontaneously get up on his hands and knees just because he wants…more. More stimulation of his cock, deeper penetration of his anus with fingers, toys, or perhaps a strap-on. But I do get ahead of myself…


Massage your partner’s back and butt to relax him. Kiss the back of his neck…brush your nipples against his back. Gentle or feather-light fingers on the small of his back, his butt, the insides of his thighs and his balls. Tune him in sensually. Then pull his legs gently far enough apart (if they are not there already) so you can settle yourself behind him and have the object of your attentions front and center. Knead and stroke his ass cheeks, kissing and licking them softly. Work your way gradually down his crack to his anus. Slowly. Rimming is something to take your time with.

The whole point here is that by the time your tongue actually touches his anus you want him to have been imagining how it would feel for the last 5-10 minutes; craving it. Even if your guy is quite experienced, approaching rimming this way is a first-rate erotic tease. If you get off on seeing your guy squirm – I highly recommend the slow approach.

The Act Itself

There are a variety of techniques that you can mix and match:

Reach your tongue as far as you can down to his perineum or “taint” and begin licking there, slowly working your way up to his anus.

Kiss his anus with soft lips, slowly, over and over.

Touch your soft, warm, wet tongue to his ass and just leave it there for a while, then slowly beginning to move it around.

Flutter your tongue around the edges of his sensitive puckered opening.

Lick him with regular firm strokes of your tongue.

Stiffen your tongue and insert it into his anus, basically fucking him with it.

Your partner will let you know which of these he likes the best, either by moaning or gasping…or pushing back to get more of the luscious thrills you are offering. Pay attention to these signs and you will discover his favorites.

What’s Next?

For some men, rimming can be intensely enjoyable for a fairly long period of time without any other stimulation. Others will crave fingers, butt plugs, dildos and/or cock and balls attention pretty quickly because rimming turns them on so much. At that point it is up to you (and perhaps the nature of your relationship) whether to indulge your man’s urges or make him wait for it.

My personal preference? There are few things as erotically thrilling as when I have made him wait for it so long that when his pegging adventure commences I am treated to his voice, rough with passion, pleading, “Fuck me!”

Bathe That Butt

Okay – I did this kind of back-assward here, because obviously, asses need to be washed thoroughly before rimming. Part of the act can involve a seductive bath or shower together so you are both squeaky clean. Enemas can be part of the ritual if that is something you enjoy, so that you know you are clean inside as well.

The possibility of STD and STI transmission is a very important consideration with rimming. You need to be fully informed about the risks you are taking if you decide to perform rimming without a barrier. As with any sexual activity, know the risks and then make your own decisions.

Butt (hee hee), my dear readers, the hour grows late and I will address that issue in detail in my next post. I know…that’s like placing a gourmet meal in front of you and asking you not to eat it until I give you the fork (you are so gonna use your fingers…). I guess I  am indeed an insufferable tease…!

Seriously, you can find that information pretty easily on the internet – so if you are hot to try out some things I described and can’t wait until my next post, be responsible and please educate yourself about the risks first.

Link to my article: The Risks of Rimming

Happy Rimming!

Ruby Ryder