Prostate Orgasm Defined:
Through anal stimulation only (without penile stimulation) a man experiences orgasm and release of seminal fluid. Sometimes called an anal orgasm.

A Different Kind of Pleasure
When the prostate is stimulated (by fingers or toys) there is a feeling often described as a warmth or tingling or itching that spreads through the region – absolutely pleasurable. Pleasurable, but completely unlike stimulation of the penis. Some men describe the sensation as so intense that it’s like having a continuous orgasm and if they actually reach an orgasm, it’s like icing on the cake or an unnecessary dessert after a sumptuous meal. Some men have actually expressed to me that they do not want their penis to be stimulated during pegging, because it actually interferes with the prostate sensation.

A Different Kind of Orgasm
Men usually describe the anal orgasm as being different in that it does not have the rhythmic contractions a normal orgasm does; the seminal fluid sort of dribbles out of the end of the penis and can sometimes look watery in comparison to normal ejaculate. Pretty much all men say this kind of orgasm is nonetheless intensely pleasurable. Yet there are differing opinions as to whether they enjoy it as much as a regular orgasm with stimulation of the penis, or an orgasm that results from stimulation of both the penis and the prostate. Each man has his favorite.

Encouraging Factors
Not all men can orgasm this way (just as not all women can have a G-Spot orgasm), but your chances of experiencing it improve with practice, and maybe a few other things… Some men claim that a bigger toy was what kicked them over the edge to an anal orgasm. Others say it was a finger or toy that could be applied to exactly the right spot. Relaxation is a huge factor. Anecdotally, another factor can be how long since the man has experienced his last orgasm; the longer period of time (within reason) the more likely anal stimulation alone will result in orgasm. Also, edging for several days in conjunction with the abstinence increases the chances of experiencing a prostate orgasm.

What experiences have other people had? I’d love to hear what worked and what didn’t…how it felt…what is your favorite kind of orgasm? What feels the very best on your prostate? What got you there?


  1. I am a 44 year old, straight, Black Man. That being said, I love stimulating my prostate; and I have the most wonderful orgasms. I have orgasms, similar the orgasms women have, when they squirt. As a
    long distance truck driver, I have plenty of time to get in touch with myself; and find out what works, and what does not work. 😉

    My weapons of choice are: the Njoy P-Wand; the Njoy Pfun Plug; the Aneros Progasm; and a Liberator Throw ( to keep the sheets dry)

    I had my first Squirting P-Spot orgasm, about 3.5 years ago. At that time, I was using a glass toy, that was slightly angled. After that first SPS orgasm, it took about a year, for me to get relaxed enough to have another one. I tried different glass toys, and even a ribbed vibrator, but nothing worked. I
    stop at Adult Shops, here and there, if time permits. I stopped at a shop in WY, and peeped out an Njoy P-Wand. I decided to purchase it. I got excellent results with it, from the very beginning. I prefer the larger end, because it stimulates my prostate more effectively, than the smaller end.

    I was in OR, and I stopped at a shop; and all things N-Joy were obscenely marked down. I actually asked the clerk, if the prices were correct? I picked up the Pfun Plug for 26.99. I paid $76.95 for an Njoy
    Perfect 11, and $36.95 for the Pure Plug 2.0. The small Pure Plug, is the only Njoy that I do not have.
    I picked up my Progasm Classic, about 3 weeks ago (after reading tons of stellar reviews about it, on Amazon). I am MORE than happy with it.

    The majority of men (in my opinion), do not have Squirting P-Spot orgasms, because they are in too big of a hurry, are not in the proper mind-set to achieve a SPS orgasm, and are not relaxed. Not to sound corny, but… This type of experience requires a man to get in tune with himself, on many different levels. It wonderful journey that takes some time. Most dudes think when the Njoy, or the Aneros is popped in their bum, for the first time: BAM! INSTANT RESULTS! It is sort of funny, yet it is sort of sad. A man must go through a certain rite of passage, in order to achieve the elusive, yet much sought after SPS orgasm.

    I would like to find a woman, that would like to partake in my Prostate Adventures. I have not had much luck, thus far. She has got to be out there, some where. I have also started to become curious,
    about pegging. But that is another story.

  2. Oops! Some key items were omitted (in my rather long winded sermon). I do not touch my penis, while I am simulating my prostate. The Pfun Plug and the Progasm Classic, are hands free (contractions and breathing do the work); while the P-Wand requires some manual labor. 😉

    The SPS orgasm is extremely more intense, and satisfying than a penile orgasm. My Prostatic Adventures normally last 1.5 – 2 hours. My errections are firmer, and when I am with my girlfriend sex
    is better (for me at least). I am way more relaxed, and easy going, since I have been having SPS orgasms. I normally will have a session, once or twice a week. The contractions are more intense, than
    a penile orgasm. For me, the SPS is a more relaxing and fulfilling orgasm, than a penile orgasm. That about sums it up. But… I still love me some va jay jay.

    • Driver – These comments slipped through the cracks somehow and I just now found them. Thanks for all of the detailed information about how you achieve your prostate orgasms. The njoy pure wand is one of my favorite G-Spot toys – that thing rocks and is worth every penny!

      The Aneros Forums are a great place to discuss the “journey” of attaining a hands-free orgasm with one of their toys. I don’t know of anywhere else on the internet where guys all get together and encourage and support each other in the quest for sexual pleasure!

    • I’m glad i read this, you are the first other person i have read about or heard about that can do this. I’m in the same boat, hetro but toy often, i’ve been squirting for a few years now, i find if i drink lots before hand and squirt more the orgasms are more intense (i kind of blacked out and had amazing orgasmic trembles go through my whole body the other day).

      • Yes! You might want to check out the Aneros forum. there are many men there discussing the different kind of prostate/penile orgasms they experience and how to get there!

  3. Hi there I am having a little problem trying to get my wife to understand why I want this and that it is not her for me wanting a little more sexual pleasure. Plz help

  4. I am a 45 year old male (straight) married with 4 children. A friend of mine bought me an Adam Male prostate vibrator I think as a joke for my 40th. So I have had it for 5 years now and used it many many times. I thought it felt quite good but in the end I would take it out and just masturbate to a penile orgasm. I thought it was all hype, that this elusive SPS Orgasm was overrated. But one night, I was relaxed and I decided to have a bit of a play, I was 44 at the time. I tried many different ways and I thought that my prostate was quite deep inside but in fact its correct that it really is only about 1 inch inside at the front wall. So…basically this means that it more or less behind your testicles. As such you need to insert the toy and rotate it so that the bent over part is facing fowards as if you are trying to make it come out behind your balls. It takes time, hold it there and rotate it gently left and right. Oh…I find the very best position is laying on your side with one leg up bent up as if you are spooning a girl and trying to watch yourself penetrating her.
    Push the end of the toy gently downwards towards your coccyx so that the nose of the toy pushes into your prostate firmly but be careful it IS possible to push too hard and hurt yourself in which case a little blood might be seen in your ejaculate. For the most part this does not happen so do not be scared. I use BIO GLAN oil as my choice of lubrication and I literally squirt some of it up my tract so its very lubricated. Again rotate the toy left and right and keep doing this. You can also move it up and down the inside front wall of your anal tract, this is a really beautiful feeling, you will actually be able to remember how that felt for days afterwards. Continue doing this until at some point (and you will know when) you will reach orgasm. You will probably naturally slow down the movement of the toy and push harder as it comes on. The orgasm, OMG it will outdo a penile orgasm 50:1. Also, unlike a penile orgasm, it does not stop…I have on days off work literally laid there in the late of night an orgasmed for 6 hours straight, I am not kidding, when you get that feeling, its very hard to actually stop and go to sleep. Its the kind of pleasure one could almost stop doing anything and just continue to feel it over and over and over. Best of luck, I wish ALL men can experience this. Your not gay, and gay men should not be the only ones to feel this. It is without question the greatest most intense pleasure a man could ever hope to experience in his whole life. It actually makes a penile orgasm seem like a waste of time and effort. One tip, dont touch your penis. I have found that if I masturbate whilst doing it to get a double orgasm, once I come normally, I dont feel like doing it anymore.

    • This is a remarkably detailed and specific description of how you reach a prostate orgasm! Thanks for contributing this. I plan to read it on my next podcast – #137.

  5. I can’t figure out how to make this work. My gf is dead set against it and I can’t procure any official toys to work with. What can I do?

  6. AH… finally a place to comment!
    Listened to podcast today and noticed the music.
    I heard you bought the rites, but do you know how close it sounds to track from “Dusk til Dawn”?
    During song, Salma Hayek……. well…. watch
    She can have my ass…. ANY DAY!

    • Wow! Nice video and similar music, indeed. Well, the description of the music was “Tarentino-esque”!

      • Indeed .. now you know why it was Tarentinesque. You also know why ic I see “Dusk til Dawn” on someplace I have to watch this scene. Netflix did a serial I think. Equally good remake of that scene!

        If only Tarantino was as much a strapon fan as a foot fetishist. Weed had a great scene.with strapon. Other main stream strapon use?

  7. I don’t have trouble having a prostate orgasm, but they don’t give me the same pleasure as I get from penile orgasms. I only get them when using particularly large dildos. I personally get more satisfaction from the stretch, but when using large dildo’s (3″in diameter) it really presses against my prostate. The cum will just ooze out, sometimes in really large quantities. In all honesty I think it tastes good also, almost sweet compared to sperm, which I don’t like btw.

    It helps when I haven’t masturbated or had sex for like a week. Pretty sure I haven’t had prostate orgasms when I have cum within a few days before that.

    I’ve yet to reach a uncontrollable tremble while cumming, as I’ve seen described here and there. I think I’ll just have to keep trying ’till that happens!

    • This is something I have heard from other men, that they prefer one type of orgasm to the other, but it goes both ways; some prefer the prostate orgasm.

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