Over at I’m planning a special podcast.

Podcast #115 is going to be comprised solely of women’s stories and offerings.
Most of my readership and listeners are men. For this podcast…

I want to hear from the women.

Tell us all the things you love about pegging…
Tell us the story of your favorite pegging encounter…
Tell us about your first time…
Tell us about your last time…
Tell us about a funny time, or an embarrassing time…
Tell us about your favorite pegging fantasy…

One sentence, a paragraph, several pages – I want it all!

Spill it, Ladies!

You can write me at
Or send me an MP3 of your recorded story
Or record your story on my call line (805) 500-6544

We are going to blow the men away with podcast #115!



  1. One time after I randomly dry bumped my boyfriend and became extremely excited and wet, he approached the subject of pegging. I was curious and said I would like to try it – I was obviously excited by it. He revealed he had a strap on(I later bought a double for us to use) and asked if I wanted to try “now”. I agreed and I absolutely LOVED IT!! The first time I couldn’t figure out how I could orgasm with the strap-on when there was no vaginal penetration. I orgasmed harder with the strap on than the double. We have since tried various positions and each one has proved to be as good as the last. I am submissive during sex, but when I have on my cock, I feel confident and I cannot describe the Intense connection I experience when I am in him. It is the most amazing feeling to come together while in opposite roles.

  2. I am curious about this topic from a different angle. Men seem to really want this but they pair it with this idea of women wanting to be a dominatrix and I thought I had read somewhere from a very dominant woman that a guy getting pegged isn’t exactly congruent with them being dominated by a woman in the sense that the pegging is a reward and the whole relationship between a dominant and a submissive party is that there is that pleasure of withholding a reward. I wish I could find that article again but I am curious about a discussion about it. I’m also happy to provide any of my own pegging experiences.

  3. Not sure if this is too late, but first off, I’m really glad I stumbled upon this site. My friend and I are into quite a few different kinks, one of these being pegging. I don’t even like calling it a kink, because it’s just another thing we enjoy doing together. Kink makes it seem as if it’s bad, and it’s not. In any case, he asked me if I had ever pegged anyone before. I had,years ago, but I really didn’t think I had done it “correctly,” because neither of us enjoyed it. I was definitely willing to try it again, because my friend was going to be my “sensei master.” We’re the types who high five each other after awesome sex. However, I was very nervous about not doing a good enough job the first time with him, because he’s very much a person who makes sure I’m satisfied before he is. I wanted to return the favor. So, I researched, and found this site. He also referred me to the sub Reddit on pegging. So I got super excited about it, and he was, in his words “over the moon” that I was getting so into it. I’m guessing a lot of women do it because the guy wants it, not because they want to. In any case, The Big Day came, and we seriously had the best time. High fiving happened. Yeah, there were a few issues, but I think the biggest thrill was seeing him getting as much pleasure as he usually gives me, and thinking, “yeah, that was my fake dick.” It was pretty awesome. We’ve “graduated” now to the Share XL (I posted about it on another page) with harness and Hitachi, and it’s seriously just a thrill. I have a hard time not getting disappointed when I can’t take the Contessa out to play with him.

    • Thanks for this amazing sharing! Although the podcast with women’s stories happened a while ago – ALL women’s stories are welcome ALL the time. I can never get enough of the women writing in – and all the male readers appreciate hearing from women so much. This will be included in my next podcast #134 – accessible over at Pegging Paradise. Probably will be posted about a week from now!

  4. In a recent discussion with one of my friends, i recently discovered what pegging was and decided to try it on my husband who is the submissive one in our relationship. The problem is that i didn’t research it too well and only knew about strapon dildos and me fucking him in his ass. I think I was too aggressive because i may have hurt him a little. The orgasm that I got while doing it drove me to pound him harder and harder and it wasn’t until I was through ringing his bell (and yelling at him for being so stinky) that I realized I probably used too large a dildo and was too aggressive because his tailpipe was bloodied and was a tightly swollen bruised goose egg. (also, can pegging cause him to poop a little bit cause he did make a slight mess) I felt bad for the poor thing because he didn’t say a peep about the abuse his asshole just took and he took a hard spanking for the mess he made. He is needless to say a little skittish about doing this again.

    • Sounds like you didn’t use good judgement in fucking his ass, and took it too fast and too hard. I understand you didn’t have any information.
      I wouldn’t let you fuck my ass again if I were him, either! Asses must be respected, no matter what D/s dynamic you have, or you will do damage! And yelling at someone for being stinky when you fuck them in the ass? That is….ridiculous. If you don’t like the sand in the playground, then get out of the playground.

      If you would like to continue pegging, please educate yourself about introducing him slowly to ass play and how to clean out so there is very little if any mess.

      Would you like it if a man sunk his cock in your ass and pounded you hard with it? Think about that the next time you fuck him. Do it the way you would like to be fucked in the ass.

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