DIY Scarf Harness by Midori

Scarf harness to the rescue! When budget constraints prevent you from buying the best equipment, consider buying a quality dildo and using this comfortable DIY scarf harness while you save up for a good harness. Buy once and buy quality!

This is a great choice for those beginners who find themselves with just enough money to buy a good dildo, but adding a harness to the tab makes pegging beyond their reach.

What Kind of Scarves?

You don’t need any special sort of scarves. I use cheap polyester ones, and that makes them easy to wash when the play is over. How long? My scarves are about 66″ long. If you are a big beautiful person, you might need longer ones.

Here is the formula for the scarf length you will need: multiply hip measure x 1.5. Example 40” hip x 1.5 = two 60” scarves. Presently my hips measure about 43″, so 66″ scarves are just right for me.

Here is a visual aid for using two scarves to make a do-it-yourself harness – by Midori!

Here are Midori’s written instructions, as well.

Big Toy Scarf Harness!

This harness is an excellent option for wide diameter toys that simply do not fit into many harnesses. Wide diameter toys can be a challenge to match up with a suitable and functional harness, but the scarf harness with work for almost all toys!

How do you buy the quality dildo? Take my equipment webinar and learn about all the factor that are important to take into consideration when choosing equipment. One size does not fit all! – your definitive source for pegging information, without the kink!

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