The Chairman Position

The Chairman position requires a sturdy chair (because you will both be on it), with no arms and a high back. The giver sits in the chair and the receiver mounts themselves. Then the receivers arms go above the giver’s shoulders to hold on to the top of the back of the chair. This is the receiver’s balance and leverage point, and why a high back chair is important. Once mounted, simply scooting back and forth provides enjoyable penetration for the receiver.

This position can be very intimate. Depending on how torso lengths match up, partners can kiss. They can also enjoy plentiful eye contact and nipple play. Plus the receiver’s cock is accessible by either partner!

Another visual.

The receiver can also turn around if that works better or is more comfortable for the particular combination of bodies you have.

The Chairman position is excellent for beginning givers, as not much is required besides putting on a harness and sitting in a chair. If you are new to Pegging, positions that are easier for the giver are valuable, due to the relatively steep learning curve in learning how to fuck someone.

If this position does not work for you (there can be a few reasons why it might not), you can still use the chair while the giver is wearing a thigh harness. This is also a good option for

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